Since 1994~
----Founded in 1994 as a marketing company of various functional and performance garments, Ikordan Trading has been trying to supply the best qualities to the well-known customers all around the world.
  Work Everywhere
 Inkordan Trading is not one of the Ioading garment producers with products ranging from Performance Jackets and working Wear to Fashion Jackets. With Inkordan¡¯s speciality, the Breathable garments which offers you optimal biological condition through it¡¯s function of water-and wind-proof along with high moisture-ventilation, you will enjoy & embrace your Everyday and Everywhere!!
  To the best quality - with high responsibility.
 Yes, this is the spirit of Inkordan! Inkordan will be always with you from producing the garments to selling the garments in your market never forgetting our spirit.
 We are here to fulfill your various demands based on the best quality that will highlight your Brand Name in every corner of the world

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